What is it like living in a Nursery home? How to know if it is the right choice for our close ones?

Residences for the elderly have existed for decades around the world and are part of the priorities of any civilized society. In Bulgaria, they are still gaining popularity and building a reputation as a good option for welcoming the third age. Private homes of the residential type can significantly improve the quality of life and the possibility of a dignified and fulfilling existence.

Assessing whether one of our relatives can no longer take care of himself and making a decision to separate him from the family environment is undeniably a difficult decision. With this article, we will try to help you make the right choice for you and your loved ones and provide you with information on the most basic things to pay attention to when making this responsible decision.

Advantages of private residences for seniors

Here are some essential factors to consider when deciding whether to proceed with residential care for your loved one.

One of the undeniably important things is that this environment creates a social circle and presents a variety of activities of essential importance for a fulfilling and enjoyable life. Growing old alone can be very difficult and even painful. Humans are created to be part of a community. Having an environment where you feel good and accepted is one of the conditions for maintaining good mental health. As time progresses, children leave the family nest, perhaps no longer living in the same city or even country. At retirement age, the opportunities to create social contacts naturally decrease, elderly people feel abandoned and lonely. We all want to feel loved and respected, to be important to someone, to be useful, to share. It gives us meaning. However, in our hectic everyday life, this is an increasingly overwhelming task for our loved ones. This is where the role of nursery homes comes in, where conditions for full communication are created. Sharing the daily routine and meeting other people reduces feelings of loneliness, supports memory and cognitive skills, and has been shown to extend the length and quality of life.

Another advantage of particular importance is professional medical care. Over time, our mobility decreases, our health is not in perfect condition and we need extra attention. Having access to medical care close to you creates peace of mind and a sense of security. Good nursing homes provide basic nursing staff who are available when needed.

Other significant advantages are that most private residences strive to provide a cozy, home-like environment, quality food and a healthy environment. Mediva Park is located in the middle of a green park area and beautiful nature, just minutes from Sofia in the village of Dolna Dikanya. The silence and tranquility of the small village and the proximity to nature make life definitely better, evoke memories, connect us to our roots.

A factor that can help you in your judgment are the various activities that are organized for the elderly. Most residences offer special physical activities suitable for maintaining mobility and physical tonus. As the saying goes: “Life is in motion and motion is life.” Organized classes also help to strengthen and maintain emotional and mental health.

For whom it is the right choice

Private nursing homes are suitable for all retirees who do not have severe mental or physical disabilities requiring special medical care. Mediva Park also offers the possibility of temporary accommodation for a shorter period of time. When the relatives of the elderly people are traveling and do not want to leave them alone, this is a good choice. In this way, the social services of the home can be used (within 30 days) without the need to be constantly available.

The third age is the time for a person to indulge in well-deserved rest, time for themselves, peace and security. Our parents and grandparents definitely deserve it! Ensure this for you or your loved ones with the help of private homes for the elderly! Mediva Park team is ready to answer your questions and help you make an informed choice.

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