A cozy home and care for your loved ones

Residential nursing home for the elderly

Mediva Park is a residential nursing home for the elderly, created with lots of love and following our desire to take care of our loved ones in the best way possible. Inspired by the idea of providing a peaceful time for our parents and relatives, surrounded by nature, combined with professional health care and a cozy atmosphere, we built Mediva Park as a place that brings warmth, reliability, tranquility, and dignity.

In the midst of a green park and beautiful nature, minutes away from the big city

Located 38 km. South of Sofia, Mediva Park is located in the village of Dolna Dikanya, in the area of the beautiful Verila mountain. We revived the old village school founded in 1955 and renovated the building completely, preserving the specific atmosphere and architectural elements of the mid-20th century.


Professional care

You can trust our long-time proven professionalism in providing healthcare services.


Cozy atmosphere

Our home has all the necessary amenities tailored to the needs of the residents.


Healthy environment

Mediva Park offers tranquility, fresh air, outdoor activities and perfect conditions for complete relaxation.


Medical services

Mediva Park works together with Mediva Medical and Dental Center to provide its residents with 24/7 medical services from all specialists needed.


Social life

We provide a variety of activities for a fulfilling social life – concerts, shows, short trips, etc.


Quality food

Homemade and delicious food prepared according to specific needs and with uncompromising quality control.


We provide social services, according to a pre-paid care package for pensioners and people of over-working age.

Mediva Park offers a new service for those of you who are caring for a loved one but need short-term help during your trip or vacation.

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