Location of home for elderly people Mediva Park


The village of Dolna Dikanya is located 38 km away from Sofia, at the foot of the Verila mountain. In just a 20 minute driveway along the Struma highway, you will arrive at this cozy place, radiating positive energy.

Sun, air, a wonderful view of the snow caps of the mountains – Mediva Park spreads on an area of 10 acres, full of fruit trees, cypresses, lilac, herbs and flowers, alleys for walking and …. bird and rooster songs.


A modern and functional building with rich history

Долна Диканя - старото училище - 1995

We revived the old school building, but we kept authentic elements of the architecture, the mosaic and the inscription “1955” – the year it was built.

We are proud of being hosts of a place full of history and goodness. Stoyko Stoyanov, born in 1854, participated as a soldier in the Liberation of Bulgaria from the Ottoman Empire, and later survived four more wars, including the two World Wars. He donated his land and contributed funds together with his fellow villagers to build a local school. Loved by all, he did not stop doing good throughout his 97-year-old life. In addition to the construction of the local school, he was also involved in the creation, construction and management of the Community and cultural center in the village of Dolna Dikanya, which is still open today.

We are happy that the wrecking until recently school building, will once again serve people, transformed into a modern home for the elderly.

In order to find the balance between tradition, coziness, contemporary design and functionality, in 2018 we invited arch. Ivan Dragoshinski – an established name in the industry both in Bulgaria and abroad.

He planned a bright and functional building, perfectly fitting into the wonderful natural surrounding. Thanks to his unconventional vision and professional approach, we managed to transform the old building into a modern residence without losing the traces of the past.

The main contractor for the project is the company K-R-A-F-D OOD, an architectural studio founded by arch. Ivan Dragoshinsky. The main subject of the studio’s work is contemporary architecture based on respect for the existing context, traditions and local cultural background.

The leading designers of the building are arch. Ivan Dragoshinsky and arch. Ivan Kirkov.

Architect Ivan Dragoshinsky graduated from UASG in 2001 with an award from the Union of Architects in Bulgaria. Subsequently, he worked in various architectural bureaus, some of which are: Arka Studio, Lubo Semerdzhiev Engineering and Plus Architecture. From 2010 to 2016, he worked in London at Miller Hare and Allford Hall Monaghan Morris companies. In 2014, he won shared first prize in the International Competition for the Redevelopment and Reconstruction of the Building of Bulgarian Artists in Sofia together with arch. Anastasia Atanasova and arch. Dina Dragoshinska. In 2017, he founded studio K-R-A-F-D after winning a competition for a residential complex in the Krasno Selo district in Sofia.

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