We provide complete care for the elderly

Mediva Park offers a full list of the best living conditions for your parents and loved ones. We believe in the balance between comfort, professional medical care and a rich social life. Our Standard package of services provides everything you need for a peaceful, comfortable and fulfilling life. You can add some additional services to it according to your individual needs and preferences.

Care and living conditions

At Mediva Park, we care about coziness and comfort, that’s why all rooms are furnished according to an individual design project.

The food is always fresh, prepared on-site, and delicious. We provide varied and regular meals 4 times a day. We also have a fully-equipped kitchen for self-service, should anyone be inspired and wish to show off their culinary talent.

Cleanliness and hygiene are a priority – residents’ rooms are cleaned regularly. Our premises are equipped with new and functional furniture, following our design style and with attention to detail. We provide enough space for each resident to store in their own personal belongings.

We have a hair and beauty salon. Within the park there is also a shop where you can buy basic products.

Medical service

In order to ensure a long and high-quality life for our residents, in addition to excellent living conditions, we also provide, most importantly, 24/7 consultations & care by qualified medical personnel: general practitioner, medical specialists, dentists, nurses and psychologists.

MDC Mediva as well provides medical service in case of emergency – full-time service from an emergency assistance center.


  • a general practitioner for all residents
  • specialists if needed:
    • cardiologist
    • neurologist
    • endocrinologist
    • skin doctor
    • urologist
    • surgeon
    • orthopedist
    • dentist


  • nurses
  • sanitary workers
  • rehabilitators
  • physical therapists
  • social workers
  • psychologist, psychotherapist
Медива Парк - Провеждане на изследвания


  • emergency equipment
  • EKG device
  • blood pressure monitor
  • pulse oximeter
  • Oxygen bottle
  • AMBU
  • telemedicine platform


  • light therapy
  • laser
  • ultrasound
  • magnet
  • electrotherapy
  • bicycle ergometer
  • rehabilitation devices
  • therapeutic gymnastics equipment

Social life

Our home offers various social activities, tailored to the interests of the elderly.

At their disposal is our wonderful park, great for refreshing walks or long talks at the benches, under the fruit trees or at our garden pavilion. For all interested in gardening, we have our vegetable and herb garden and a lovely orchard.

For lovers of quiet games, we have provided relaxation and activity corners on each floor. And for those with an adventurous spirit, we organize short trips in the countryside nearby.

We also regularly organize special events – meetings with popular people and artists, concerts and exciting evenings with outdoor movies. Our summer stage is open to people from the local community and in-house residents alike.

Do you like what we offer?

See more about Mediva Park conditions for accommodation and admission. Our team is always available to answer any of your questions.