One Day in Mediva Park with Dr. Iva Stankova

Dr. Stankova is an established and prominent physician with many years of experience in pediatrics and postgraduate qualifications in acupuncture, laser therapy and health management. 30 years ago, with the support of her family, she established Mediva Medical Center with one main goal – professional and high-quality health care for patients of all ages. This year, also together with her family, they developed their humanitarian activities in a new, yet completely natural direction – residential care for the elderly.

We are visiting Dr. Stankova in the comfort and greenery of Mediva Park – a magical place, transformed by her and her family, a place full of history, nestled in the foot of the Verila mountain, only 20 minutes by car from Sofia. We spend a sunny day full of emotions, stories, flowers and birdsongs learning more datils “from the kitchen” and revealing the details of the birth of the idea and realization of this truly impressive project.

Dr. Stankova, we are located on the territory of the former school in the village of Dolna Dikanya. We have seen photos of the old building and we are amazed at how skillfully you have transformed it to be a modern and cozy home. Tell us more about how this transformation happened and who helped you in this process.

We are as well pleased to see the great change step by step! For all this to happen all you need is a good idea, set goal and a good amount of will!

We wanted our home to be bright, cozy, with a pleasant atmosphere, but at the same time – modern and functional.

We engaged arch. Ivan Dragoshinsky. His father and I have been dreaming about this project for years. And here – his son made our dream come true. He was no less enthusiastic than we were!

The construction was entrusted to the company “ESPI INVEST” OOD, headed by eng. Petar Parvanov.

We’re taking you a step back in the conversation – how you came up with the idea of building a residential care home for elderly people? What made you go in that direction?

Already when developing of Mediva MDC, proposals in this direction began quite naturally from our patients. It was clear to me that this was a completely different activity. Caring for the elderly requires 24-hour presence, assistance, care, medical supervision, and one more important thing – social contact.

And …. the feeling of love!

From the work, popularity and recognition of the thousands of patients of Mediva MDC we know that professionalism, full-service care and a good environment are of key importance to you. We certainly find all of this at Mediva Park, but please tell us more about the team and what makes this home really different and special?

Yes, all you said is unconditional. From the team we have approved and engaged, we require pure human attitude, devotion and real caring for the elderly people. The philosophy about the place of the elderly in our lives and preserving their dignity is native for us.

We just want our senior residents to feel happy and healthy. And you know – not only them, but also their loved ones feel our concern and protection.

Taking us around the floors of Mediva Park, you talk with such enthusiasm about every step of the implementation of this project, about every single detail. Describe to us what, in your opinion, are the most important details that make Mediva Park a complete and real home?

At the entrance, we are greeted by the inscription on the floor – the year of the building’s creation – “1955“. We kept the mosaic in the corridors, and the interior eradiates peace and comfort, thanks to the thick stone walls and the many flowers. We have carefully selected all the paintings, panels and decorations to saturate this wonderful energetic place with new strength and hope. The smell of warm bread, tea and coffee, the air devoid of city noise and filled with birdsongs are the details that revive the building and bring a feeling of a real Home.

You are an extremely erudite person and an admirer of the arts. We find touches of this in the piano, which awaits its musicians and audience; and in the rich library in the recreation and entertainment corner; and in the outdoor stage you plan to install. Tell us more about your plans in this direction?

In the Mediva MDC we have brought our family piano. Music therapy is a tradition there every Monday. We are convinced in the power of art! And its most powerful influence is music! The piano again! The piano will fill the air with an artistic and unique atmosphere supporting the human spirit! The family guitars and accordion can complement a future orchestra!

In the library, residents will find world classics and contemporary works to enjoy with a view of the wonderful nature that unfolds in front of Mediva Park.

We are also preparing a summer stage for concerts and performances.

Your favorite flowers are the marigolds, but here in the park we find all kinds of plants, trees and even herbs. And there is more in your plan… Tell us about it.

Eastern philosophy worships nature. The flowers are a gift! They bring an unearthly feeling of happiness! The vegetable garden already gives birth and fills our human senses with wonder. Every time I ask myself how is all this possible, from one seed. The fruit trees have been around for many, many years and continue to bear fruit, despite the weather! We planted a walnut tree, an oak tree, a birch grove, lots of roses!

We fall asleep with crickets and… wake up with roosters!

What more does a person need?!

An energetic person, fond of music, reading a lot, watching movies, taking care of her favorite flowers and of course – meeting her many friends and… patients – they are her Self. These are just some of the touches in her portrait, which we promise to finish at our next meeting. And maybe more than one. Because she and Mediva Park have many more untold stories. And that’s why we part, promising each other – “See you soon.” Really soon.

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