Mediva Park – when silence has come to your own home

Each person manages his energy, guided by some goal, captivated by some idea, involved in the sequence of everyday life – to react to some problem, to reach some solution. And there comes a day when all this is behind him. Children have grown up, the door to the workplace is closed for the last time, meetings are gone, the exact time does not matter, the circle seems closed.

But life goes on. And one looks for the little things that bring joy, which are often passed by and neglected… They notice the silence in the park, the wild flower that grew among the stones paving of the city, the sunsets, the sunrises… and the words. A short and small word that fills the day with meaning.

The word HOME. When silence has come to your own home, when the silence weighs on since early morning, when friends are somewhere else and the children… the children are in some distant country, you feel the longing to feel comfort again, warmth, to talk to someone.

All this can be found at the Home of MEDIVA PARK. A park that you can see from the window and where you can have your walks. Coziness – in all its dimensions – people who bring you the feeling of closeness, communication, delicious food, medical care… And the expectation that you thought was lost – the expectation to talk, to enjoy the spring greenery or the first flying snowflakes… or the morning song of the birds. To hear them, while standing under one of the trees in the park.

This is the feeling – you are alive and someone says “good morning” to you.

Julia Piskuliyska
Prominent Bulgarian journalist, writer and poet

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