Home for elderly people Mediva Park officially opened its doors

On September 25, the rays of the autumn morning sun shone on the occasion of the opening of Mediva Park Residence in the village of Dolna Dikanya.

During the official ceremony, the engine of this inspiring project – the Stankovi family with their relatives and friends, official guests and local residents celebrated the opening of the doors of the first home for the elderly in the village of Dolna Dikanya. На събитието присъстваха Николай Добрев – началник отдел здравеопазване, спорт и жилищни проблеми за община Перник, Елинчо Колев – кмет на с. Долна Диканя, Румен Евлогиев – представител на общински съвет гр. Перник, Христина Христова – бивш социален министър и депутат, инж. Петър Първанов – член на общинския съвет в гр. Перник.

Only 38 km. South of Sofia, Mediva Park is located in the village of Dolna Dikanya, in the area of the beautiful Verila Mountain. he building was renovated from the old village school founded in 1955. The end result is a well-balanced and functional home for seniors that preserves the specific atmosphere of the mid-20th century, revived through the modern perspective of arch. Ivan Dragoshinski and arch. Ivan Kirkov.

“Creating a private home for the elderly following the model of the West is a big and important step in the development of social services in our country. We believe that raising the quality and standard in this area is of particular importance. That is why we are extremely proud to have opened the doors of Mediva Park. We thank the entire team of specialists and partners with whom we worked hard and will build new traditions together. ”

The Mediva Park residents will receive full medical care from qualified medical personnel: general practitioner, medical specialists, dentists and nurses. Along with medical care and excellent living conditions, Mediva Park team has prepared a rich program to contribute to the social life of its residents. At their disposal is a wonderful park for walks with many benches and places to relax. And anyone who wants to participate in the cultivation of the fruit and vegetable garden can get involved.

During a conversation with one of the new residents of Mediva Park – Krasimira Mineva, we asked her why she chose this home and she answered: “I absolutely trust the Stankovi family. I am convinced that I will feel very useful here. I even gave away my piano to the house and I plan to take on the role of a musical mediator. I’ve known them for years and that gives me security.”

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